Tuesday, May 29, 2012

east-west: morels false and real

left: two handfuls of morel mushrooms found during a hunt along the Missouri River in Burt County near Decatur, Nebraska on April 9, 2012. (photo by Mark Davis)

right: false morels, april 15, 2012, denmark

real morels are probably the very best mushroom there is.

false morels convert to rocket fuel in your stomach if not handled/prepared correctly.
i don't think that i dare to eat them, even if i do have a tray of them drying in my cupboard.
mostly because i didn't have the heart to throw them away.
(i think i may have been in the siege of leningrad in another life.)
but also because they were right there in my own forest, in such abundance.
and to throw them away seemed wasteful and somehow disrespectful.

i wrote a little bit about them over here at the time (pre-forage blog) i found them.

mushrooms are probably the most fascinating thing to forage,
but it's best done with an expert.

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  1. They proliferate wonderfully a year after our Alaskan wildfires. A couple of years ago we were seeing the most huge morels I'd ever seen, fist sized morels! I've never seen the false ones though.