Julie and Amy met many years ago, when we both worked at the Iowa City Press-Citizen. Back then, we laughed, we hashed, we ate great food and on occasion drank a bit too much. We were young, we were gorgeous, we had the answers to life, the universe and everything, if only someone would have asked.

Fast forward 20 years - we live on different continents, Julie in Denmark and Amy in Colorado. Julie has a daughter and Amy has two sons. We care a lot about what happens to our planet, because it's the one our children are going to inherit. We care about use of natural resources and about the food we put on the table for our families. And we think that caring for our planet and our families has a lot to do with being present, and with paying attention. Which really, is what foraging is all about.

We're going to share our foraging experiences here - what's in season in Denmark and in Colorado. Because we both love to cook (Amy's even a chef!), we will share our recipes as well. We'll no doubt also have some guest bloggers along the way.

Please leave your ideas and feedback in the comments! There's just so much to learn!

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